Asset Management Services

STATS provide engineering inspection and testing services to asset managers as part of their asset monitoring and maintenance requirements.

As part of its overall monitoring and maintenance requirements, STATS further provides engineering inspection and testing services to asset managers. Such assets may include buildings, bridges, roads, runways, underground tanks, tunnels, and jetties.

We utilize a broad range of inspection tools, performing various non-destructive tests, to identify structural conditions and durability.

STATS provides more details in the form of an asset register, while going onto analyse visual information photos in unison with test results. From there, we can provide sound recommendations for repair and strengthening accordingly.

These assets may comprise buildings, bridges, roads, runways, underground tanks, jetties and tunnels. We incorporate a wide range of inspection tools and non-destructive tests to identify and ascertain the existing structural and durability condition of the assets.

In addition to providing an asset register, STATS further collates and analyse all visual information photos with test results to ascertain the existing condition of the assets, followed by recommendation to the various methods of repair or strengthening.


We continue to grow our offices and laboratories and our presence in the Pilbara, Midwest, Goldfields Great Southern and also overseas in Singapore. Our professionals are Chartered Engineers of Australia and Members of Australia Geomechanics Society. Our laboratories are NATA and SINGLAS accredited in line with ISO-17025 covering management, technical implementation and maintenance. STATS Australia Head Office Perth is proud to announce we have achieved ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018 certificates