Geophysics Survey

STATS has demonstrated the combination of Geophysical data and Geotechnical field tests and measurements have enhanced the quality and outcome of findings for many successful projects.

STATS employed some of the latest Ground Penetrating Radar System – Proceq GS8000] and Multi Array Seismic Wave (MASW) in combination with borehole/CPT data to provide a global assessment of the Geotechnical Solution for the project, such as identifying the various subsurface layer profiles, presence of subsurface cavities/voids, depth to bedrock, rock modulus and rippability.

Geophysics Survey - Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey

Geophysics Survey - Multi Array Seismic Wave (MASW) Survey

Multi Array Seismic Wave (MASW) Survey

Geophysics Survey - Typical GPR Data

Typical GPR Data

Geophysics Survey - Typical MASW Data and Geotechnical Interpretation

Typical MASW Data and Geotechnical Interpretation

laboratory testing services - Microwave digestion

Typical MASW data and Soils Layers Interpretation

laboratory testing services - Automated thermodesorption system

Soils Layers Interpretation with Borehole Information


We continue to grow our offices and laboratories and our presence in the Pilbara, Midwest, Goldfields Great Southern and also overseas in Singapore. Our professionals are Chartered Engineers of Australia and Members of Australia Geomechanics Society. Our laboratories are NATA and SINGLAS accredited in line with ISO-17025 covering management, technical implementation and maintenance. STATS Australia Head Office Perth is proud to announce we have achieved ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018 certificates