Laboratory Testing Services

STATS incorporate stringent laboratory test regimes to verify and validate the design parameters.

Laboratory tests are conducted in accordance with AS, ASTM, DIN and Euro Standards, depending on the design concept and the principles incorporated therein.

STATS together with their associates provide a wide range of tests to determine the physical, chemical, strength and durability parameters for a wide range of materials including Soils, Rocks, Building and Repair Materials.

STATS testing facilities are accredited by NATA and we offer a choice of two fully equipped laboratories: Canning Vale, Perth (Head Office) and Karratha (Pilbara Office).

A list of common laboratory testing services offered by STATS is as follows.

  • Particle Size Distribution for aggregates and soils, including hydrometer tests,
  • Atterberg single point and four points tests,
  • Soil Particle Density tests,
  • Emerson Class,
  • Compaction tests – Standard and Modified, including Oversize (Mould B) materials,
  • CBR tests (soaked and unsoaked),
  • Max Dry Compressive Strength tests,
  • Shrink swell index tests,
  • Flakiness index tests,
  • Average Least Dimension tests,
  • Point Load Index tests,
  • Field Compaction Tests using Nuclear Density or Sands Replacement test method,
  • Falling head or constant head permeability tests,
  • Concrete cylinder compressive strength tests,
  • Organic content tests,
  • Thermal resistivity tests,
  • Electrical resistivity tests.

Contact STATS for information on other types of tests.

STATS Asia Pacific Laboratory based in Singapore, has been accredited by SINGLAS and offers a range of environmental testing services comprising the following:

  • Indoor air quality assessment,
  • Industrial Hygiene testing,
  • Ambient air monitoring,
  • Environmental Baseline Studies,
  • Failure analysis of materials/nano materials,
  • Inventory of Hazardous materials,
  • Asbestos Containing Materials Identification.

More information on STATS Asia Pacific can be found at

laboratory testing services - Laboratory Testing Facility
Laboratory Testing Facility
laboratory testing services - Concrete Petrography Examination
Concrete Petrography Examination
laboratory testing services - Cylinders preparation
Cylinders preparation
laboratory testing services - UV Vis spectrophotometer
UV Vis spectrophotometer
laboratory testing services - Microwave digestion
Microwave digestion
laboratory testing services - Automated thermodesorption system
Automated thermodesorption system
laboratory testing services - Accelerated solvent extraction system
Accelerated solvent extraction system
laboratory testing services - GCMS for SVOCs analysis
GCMS for SVOCs analysis
laboratory testing services - Kjeldahl digestion
Kjeldahl digestion
laboratory testing services - CBR Test

CBR Test

laboratory testing services - Compaction Test

Compaction Test

laboratory testing services - Kjeldahl digestion

Thermal Resistivity Tests

laboratory testing services - CBR Test

Automatic Compaction Test

laboratory testing services - Compaction Test

Particle Density Test


We continue to grow our offices and laboratories and our presence in the Pilbara, Midwest, Goldfields Great Southern and also overseas in Singapore. Our professionals are Chartered Engineers of Australia and Members of Australia Geomechanics Society. Our laboratories are NATA and SINGLAS accredited in line with ISO-17025 covering management, technical implementation and maintenance. STATS Australia Head Office Perth is proud to announce we have achieved ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018 certificates