Site Investigation

STATS incorporate the use of various specialist testing and equipment to carry out bulk sampling programs.
We use mechanical percussion tools and coring machines as well as backhoes and excavators to carry out shallow test pits for bulk sampling work. Upon completion of the test pitting work, we use a plate or jumping jack compactor to ensure full reinstatement and compaction of the test holes using quality gravel or roadbase materials with a cold mix.
Site Investigation - Bobcat with Auger head
Bobcat with Auger head
Site Investigation - Coring machine

Pavement Coring Work

Site Investigation - Excavator with Bucket and Auger head
Excavator with Bucket and Auger head
Site Investigation - Saw cut machine

Pavement Saw Cutting Work

Site Investigation - Layer thicknesses measurement
Layer thicknesses measurement
Site Investigation - Pavement Investigation
Pavement Investigation
Site Investigation - Block cut asphalt samples
Block cut asphalt samples
Site Investigation - Seal Failure Investigation Work
Seal Failure Investigation Work


We continue to grow our offices and laboratories and our presence in the Pilbara, Midwest, Goldfields Great Southern and also overseas in Singapore. Our professionals are Chartered Engineers of Australia and Members of Australia Geomechanics Society. Our laboratories are NATA and SINGLAS accredited in line with ISO-17025 covering management, technical implementation and maintenance. STATS Australia Head Office Perth is proud to announce we have achieved ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018 certificates